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Author Topic: Enjoyed this book recently.  (Read 1313 times)

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Justin Case

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Enjoyed this book recently.
« on: December 29, 2016, 09:44:30 am »

Well I read this book recently, found it useful in assisting to tie together the bits of the puzzle.
If you are offended by a Christian perspective however, then this book may not be for you.
The kindle edition provides many useful hyperlinks.

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Re: Enjoyed this book recently.
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2018, 02:57:10 pm »

Just reread The Great Disruption by Aussie Paul Gilding the ex CEO of Greenpeace Aust. & international. First read it 7 years ago on publication in 2011 but picked up a second hand copy at a charity book shop for fill a box for $5. I got 10 boxes. There were 3 meters of collapse type books. I grabbed 4. The just mentioned, The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins, Hubbert's Peak by Deffeyes & Storms of My Grandchildren by James Hanson.

The Great Disruption is about how to change the present world to a more sustainable business model with a WW2 like all nation combined effort. It is very intelligently written but does not mention managing population growth which is headed for 8 billion in 2024-5, 9 billion in 2037-38 & 10 billion around 2050-55 & who knows after that. There are 1 billion cars now. Imagine another billion or so in 20 years. !!!

The author reckons we can do it & manage Climate Change if we start by 2018 as after that it gets progressively harder as we pass more tipping points.  Now we have Trump in charge in the US denying Climate Change despite hurricanes becoming more powerful, Miami, Florida being flooded more often & the US West & Mid West drying out as predicted back in the 1990's by James Hanson, then head of NASA & Prof. Brian Fagan in his book The Great Warming, 2008, which I have recommended reading in the past & increasing wildfires because of the change in climate.

Despite his optimism he bought a 50 acre farm in Tassie.

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