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Author Topic: Bug out location,where to start?  (Read 970 times)

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Bug out location,where to start?
« on: June 03, 2017, 05:09:17 pm »

I'm looking to first find a bug out spot and then start to develop the area to a bug out location
Just looking for people's thoughts on where to start?
My first thought is to get the maps out and go camping somewhere that's off the standard track, set up camp stay for a couple of days to begin with, have a bit of a look around and see what that particular area has to offer. Eg fresh water source, food sources,fertility of the ground, caves, terrain,hazards etc.
If the area has a bit to offer, camp there a few more times and have a better look around and see what the climate is in different seasons,if not a lot on offer, get the maps out again and find another place.
If and when a adequate place is found, set up a more permanent camp and develop the location from there.
Just curious how others would got about it, and what ideas people come up with and where you guys n girls would start?


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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2017, 08:09:40 am »

As always, start close to home and work out.  For instance, there is a spot within walking distance of my place which is fairly isolated, not known to many and with an extremely bad single lane dirt road.  At the top is a tiny lookout/ park.  This would be a great spot if there was a flood or tsunami issue.  High, with some shelter sheds and clean water laid on and several ways in and out.

Think about the next scenario - where would I go if there was a bushfire bearing down on the house.  Wider problems?  Imagine that the urban areas to the south are trying to escape up the highway - I need to find some spots off the beaten track that don't involve me having to use or cross that highway.

Rather than just picking a spot, pick a series of spots starting with simple and close and extending.  Then you can organise your set route to all these places and use them as meeting spots for family or team.  All my family have been told where to go to if all hope is lost. (bring preps and come).  You can organise them to be staging spots to allow you to move securely to your final destination.  Or to meet up and decide final destination.

Also because I am attached to my house and generally intend to stay there, I have discussed how I would get there, given that I work 65klms from home.  Have chosen a route home that doesn't involve any roads and people know where to come find me if they have the resources.

Some ideas there for you.  There is never a penultimate position or solution - always have a backup plan and stay flexible.
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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2017, 11:31:14 am »

IF I was forced to bug out (something Im not planning to do as I plan to stay in, unfortunately I'd have great issues getting to any of the these locations but anything else would be too close to city), I have a couple of places selected which could support me long term with abundance of natural food, water, and one cave system (which isnt really publically known but possible to get lost in there) would be great protection from others.

  I also have other places I call hiding spots where I could stay for a couple of days hidden eg tiny cave places

Ive discovered these places over my life time, been shown certain caves after others discovered them etc.  Caves marked on public maps  would be no good as too many others would know about them.  It also took A LOT of camping for me to find spots I'd view as great spots to bug out to.

You can get a map and start randomly picking spots on a map but a map cant show a lot of what is going on in a location, it could turn out to be a popular camping place for some families, you need to find out during holiday periods what others go to the location.

 I think you'd probably do a big better spending a couple of weeks going looking at quite a few different locations and not just choosing just the one to bug out too if it isnt on your own land as u could spend years preparing a place over to find something happens to it.  Better still if planning to bug out, buy your own land somewhere so you have better control over things.

Ive spent at least 2 to 2.5 weeks at a time in two on many occassions in two of my bug out locations.. with the goal to play survival to see how well I'd survive naturally in those locations.. one thing I learnt is its so tough out there and some water sources which look like they may be permanent may not be while others which look not permanent may be.  To get to know an area it takes more then spending just a few days in it and one needs to go back at multiple times and be familiar with it all seasons and also in drought years.

 While out in one of my bush locations, I learnt how to read the aboriginal signs and  found a couple of the aboriginal water holes etc in one of these area via this knowledge (the other site has a river). Some of those aborginal water holes are tiny but deep sources of water, there is one I know which never runs dry, its extremely deep which is only about 45cm by 20cm wide right below a cliff in rock.

 There is also often too bush dangers you may not be aware of, Ive had a very near miss one time, turned out a small waterhole was the home to a deadly snake and fortunately my friend who was visiting from overseas and is a bushman (he grew up in the wilds of Africa) spotted it swimming and stopped me from diving in onto it. He saved my life that trip.

 For such reasons, I say bush locations arent all that safe if alone and u do not know them well esp if you dont have strong bush skills. (there is another spot I know in which in rainy season.. tourists to the area have become trapped and drowned due to not being aware that a big plain between cliffs can suddenly become a flood way for a wall of water, it can go from dry to drowning people).

From what you've said here it doesnt sound like you have much camping experience ..so I suggest to look at buying some land somewhere to properly be able to prepare for your bug out location.

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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2017, 01:12:55 pm »

When you say "which isnt really publicly known" how sure are you about this, because there are a lot of explorer out there...  Can you imagine yourself relaying on that location to be empty only to turn up and have a lot of people already there???  Have you got a plan B and C in place should that place turn out to be full??


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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2017, 01:19:14 pm »

I appreciate the input.
buying my own land would be great, but atm isnt really an option.
I am by no means an expert in camping and bush survival, but have spent a fair amount of time the bush.am definetly aware there are unseen hazards everywhere,have also lived out of a back pack for up too 2 weeks on a couple of occasions and agree 100% it was hard going.obviously did take some food.supplemented when I could with what I foraged and took with a bow, and can honestly say the dreaded carp doesn't taste as bad as you might think, just fillet and skin.I suppose a bit of garlic probably helped a lot also.
One thing I did learn was I needed a lot more exp in the side of wild edibles.
Those longer trips are what got me thinking about a more permanent spot, because if something did happen to cause me and the family to leave/flee the home it would be rather difficult to survive an extended period with just a few back packs worth of gear.
When I said get the maps out and pick a spot, maybe I should of been a bit clearer, as a spot I meant area, spend a couple of days there exploring the area, if it does tick most of the boxes as a "possible bug out" location return a few times to explore it more. If still looks good, make a more permanent camp, just in case worse came to worse and we had to flee.at least we'd have a bit more than a few back packs and what we could jam into the car.
If it doesn't then look at another area and repeat the process until a suitable area is found. If it takes a few areas to find a the right one, just means more time sitting around a campfire looking at the stars wich is always good.
There some very valid points,traffic getting there,series of spots/hiding spots,place that could be nice quiet and secluded in say the colder months being a hive of activity in holiday periods, in the warmer months,plan b c and are all things I will definetly keep in mind.
Thanks again for the input. Cheers


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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #5 on: June 05, 2017, 06:06:47 pm »

Surviving in the bush is very tough and not really doable for extended periods.  One needs to take livestock and feed with you.

My bugout options that I am looking at.

  • Bug in and defend not that difficult <5% of Aussies have firearms and most of them are of the retired type.
  • Find an urban shelter site to commandeer, Mobile towers, abandon warehouses, primary schools with high fences.  :might be useful if you have a group with a few families.
  • Scan google earth or local topographic maps to find crown land where there is suitable location to set up a camp, get a bicycle to go our and scout the areas.
  • I am also considering getting a boat and going of shore, there are plenty of boats that one can borrow after the owners have fled.
  • I have a second residence where I work inland and family are at the coast so that is also an option.
This you tuber has a series on the issuer good short vids.
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We live in interesting times!!


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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #6 on: June 05, 2017, 06:33:25 pm »

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  • I am also considering getting a boat and going of shore, there are plenty of boats that one can borrow after the owners have fled.

I almost got a 15m fishing trawler the other day which I saw being advertised as a  give away. It looked quite decent on the outside and was being given away for a display as it was meant to be no longer seaworthy but I wondered if I could of patched it up whatever its issues were.  I was thinking how great a garden feature it would look at my place out the front being a beach suburb... (who knows something like that sitting in the yard could be handy if a tsunami suddenly hit!).

I was telling my friend that I wanted it and I think he thought i was completely joking. I was half serious thou though i dont think I could of fit it anywhere, was trying to figure out if I could thou. There is a park next door, I was considering if the council would like a boat as a decoration there, they've named all the roads in this area after sea things and got that theme to my area.
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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #7 on: September 23, 2017, 09:09:46 am »

I would be looking at national parks. I would be looking for a water source that also contained a good number of Cumbungi/Cattail plants. These plants will supply you with food & materials for shelter. A cave might be good, but this may not be available, so do not limit yourself to looking for an area with caves. Rock castles/rock overhangs are also good shelters, but you can make your own shelters if these are not available.
Camping next to a water course is not a good idea, travelers with any sense will probably be following a water course looking for a good place to set up camp. Camp within reach, but out of sight. Water will also attract game & you do not want to scare the game off.
If you go in by vehicle then your tracks can easily be followed. At some point I recommend that you ditch the vehicle. The same goes for following vehicle tracks, you do not want to be in an area that others can easily access.
Make sure that you only take what you can carry, no point in leaving gear in the vehicle for others. The more weight you carry in a vehicle, the bigger chance of getting bogged, keep it light.
If there is a group of you, try to spread out rather than all following one behind the other. A long line of people one behind the other will leave a clear trail to follow.


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Re: Bug out location,where to start?
« Reply #8 on: September 24, 2017, 09:24:49 am »

Best to find a spot with water and good soil with a low population density.
A few large concrete drain pipes and some smaller one for connecting passages and
make and underground shelter.
Takes time and money, but well worth the effort.
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